About DexLen, Inc.

Are you confused when it comes to technology, like Computers, Smartphones, Smart Tablets?

Do they make you scream, because they won’t do what you would like them to do?

Would you like to improve your skills? or are you a novice and don’t even know where to start?

Let Gabriele assist you in your quest to master the technology age.

She has been teaching for over 20 years in the technology field from building a computer to setting up a home-based network.

… from Windows Operating Systems for total beginners to Access for the more advanced person.

Here is a list of what she can help you with:

  • Buying a computer: Hardware and Software
  • Setting up your computer in your home
  • Explaining the keyboard, mouse, printer and scanner to you
  • Windows Operating System:
  •           What to do, where to find “stuff”
  •           how to save your documents, pictures, music, videos etc.
  •           Getting to know Windows 10
  • How to write a letter, a resume, or a report or even doing a Mail Merge by using Word
  • How to do a simple (or more advanced) spreadsheet.using Excel
    • Excel Level I – for beginners
    • Excel Level II – for students that already know the basics
    • Excel Level III – diving deeper into functions and formulas
  • How to get your pictures from your camera into your computer
  • How to manipulate your pictures

….. OR …..

Need to learn about your smartphone? or tablet?


….. OR …..

Do you need to keep track of your Income and Expenses in QuickBooks?

No problem, Gabriele is registered with Intuit as a Proadvisor and can help you set up your company, do your data entry for you, or teach you to do it yourself.

Just ASK!

Check out our Training Calendar for the rest of 2016: